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Five Key Words and Five Key Principles for Success

Over the years I have read many articles and books and attended many seminars on the subjects of getting organized and steps to success.  Some of my research has been geared towards organizing my house, some towards organizing my schedule and life in general, and some for achieving success in my business endeavours.  Often I have come away feeling defeated and more than ready to give up because the plans presented were just too complicated, expensive, or time-consuming.  Or, it was made to appear that if you followed some specific number of steps all would be “hunky dory” within short order.  The psychological results were not always pretty when I followed the steps exactly but met with failure to meet the expected time frame for success or ultimate organization!  However, not all of that research has gone to waste.  In fact, far from it.

Do you tend to be a person who gets excited and jumps head-first into a project without counting the costs?  Perhaps you do count the costs and often have detailed plans in your mind and can see what you want to accomplish, but your figuring does not always line up with the reality of your current schedule or what others see.  Or, perhaps you are the person who has no idea of what needs to be changed - you just know something has to change!

Relax, there are some key principles you can count on to help you.  It has become clear to me that there are basic steps you always have to keep in mind, no matter what area you are trying to organize or change.  The first step is to have goals and realize the need for action to attain those goals.  The second step is to begin!

Five key words to always remember:  BEGIN TODAY - KEEP IT SIMPLE

Five key principles to always remember:
1. Begin making small changes or small taking steps to realize your goals in one or two areas at a time.

2. Go slowly, realizing it takes time to adjust the mind-set and to establish new routines and rules.

3. Be flexible and patient - sometimes when we are tearing down to reestablish, messes are made.

4. Some changes may need emotional adjustment, so tread lightly and patiently for yourself and your family or those around you

5. If you have a child or children at home it will mean that what you are wanting to
accomplish personally will take more time because of your time commitments in raising your children.  Even with no children, allow yourself reasonable time!

The five key words and the five key principles are really quite simple.  No, they are not always easy to follow.  Just look at principle number three!  When applied diligently, you will be surprised what can be accomplished in just about any setting, whether that be in your home, your family, within inter-personal relationships, your work place, your place of worship, the club you belong to that needs changes, or in the attaining of short or life-long goals.

The five key principles can be distilled down to: Take small, slow, flexible and patient
steps that consider emotional adjustment, and allow yourself reasonable time to accomplish your goals.  And always, “Begin today - Keep it Simple!”

© December 2008, by Maxine McLellan, author of “Family Buried Alive . . .Help on the Way” and “Organizing for Success Charts,” which are resources for getting organized to realize success.  Owner of JOY Center of Learning, http://www.joycenter.on.ca

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