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I have had the privilege of speaking with and hearing Ed Foreman personally.  If you have never heard him speak you need to listen to what he has to say if you are really interested in being successful in your life.

The following is some great advice on being successful from Ed's newsletter, Issue 2, Volume 8:  Transforming a Dreary Job

Keeping yourself engaged and interested at work can be challenging, especially if you have been in the same job for a long period of time. Moving on to a new job isn't always the answer, it could simply be time to work to draw more enjoyment out of the job you currently hold. Below are some tips on how to enjoy your job.

Often a good place to start is to decide exactly what you want in your job. There may be certain tasks that you would like to do, committees that you want to be a part of or projects that you would like to work on. If you have been sitting back waiting for someone to ask you to get involved it is probably time to take action and pursue exactly what you want. Talk to the people involved and express your interest and ask your boss for help to move you into the things you are interested in. If this still doesn't open up the opportunities you are looking for then ask what you need to do to position yourself for next time. It may be that a little bit of training is all you need or starting somewhere small may open up the door to th e opportunity that you have been waiting for.

In the meantime do your best to make yourself an invaluable team player. Help out your workmates, give them genuine praise and build good relationships with them. This will do three things - it will help give you a sense of purpose in the day to day of your job as you know you are doing a good thing in helping them. Secondly it will build healthy relationships where your workmates will admire and respect you which will help bring enjoyment to your work week. Finally it won't take long for you to stand out to your superiors as a good worker who is investing in the company rather than just your own career and it will create opportunities for you faster than almost anything else could. When you become an invaluable employee to th e company it gives you the room to negotiate for the position or work tasks that you enjoy the most and will bring fulfillment to your job.

Finally the way you think towards your job will make a big difference. If you are living day to day and week to week then it is easy to get sucked into frustration or negativity. If you have set your sights on a career goal then it will help keep you focused that what you are doing today is moving you towards the goal that you want tomorrow. Having goals, pursuing the opportunities that you want and being a valuable part of the team you are currently on could all be valuable tools in turning your mundane job into the career that you are looking for!

You really should check out Ed's website for yourself at http://www.edforeman.com
Sign up for his newsletter and take advantage of the training he offers.  You will be glad you did.

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