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Organizing For Success

It is not uncommon to hear of unhappy people who appear to have reached a high level of success but who have failed to attain a sense of fulfilment.  Something is still missing from their lives.

Just what do “success” and “organizing for success” mean?

We will begin with a study of the words “organize” and “success” and see where they lead.  You will quickly see that words within a definition often lead to another word that is equally important for arriving at a clear understanding of just what organizing for success means.  You may be surprised at the final definition!

Each of these words has many meanings in the dictionary and thesaurus.  For the purposes of leading you to a clear definition of organizing for success, I have printed certain words within the definitions in bold type as stepping stones. 

ORGANIZE:  begin, establish, institute, arrange, set in order

ORDERLINESS  –  set in order:  clean, neat, tidy, well-kept, efficient, exact, methodical, systematic, calm, peaceful, quiet, untroubled

(From a materialistic viewpoint)  affluence, fortune, prosperity, opulence, riches, wealth
 (From a general viewpoint)  achievement, fulfilment, realization, accomplishment

WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY states –   Success:  a favourable or satisfactory outcome or result
    - coming about, taking place, or turning out to be as was hoped for


ADEQUATE:  acceptable, good enough, but not remarkable!

Therefore, when we ORGANIZE we wish to "set in order."
Orderliness in turn promotes calmness, peacefulness, quietness, and a sense of being untroubled.

The Bible tells us that God is a God of order as evidenced in creation and in 1 Cor 14:40 (NIV) “But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way.”

SUCCESS, as you follow through on the above noted definitions, would be a satisfactory outcome coming about as a result of our activity.  

“Organizing for success” then would be the realization or coming about as a result of your activity: calmness, peacefulness, quietness, and a sense of being untroubled in spirit!

What legacy to hand on to your children and your children's children!

© February 2008, Maxine McLellan, author, motivational speaker, owner of JOY Center of Learning in Ontario, Canada .  See:  http://www.joycenter.on.ca     http://www.hereforhealth.com

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