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Organization Leads To Success

If one wants to achieve success, it is necessary to plan and to be organized.  This is true no matter what you are hoping to do.  There are basic questions and steps that need to be taken as you embark on a new endeavour and from time to time as you are on the pathway towards success.

Often we take on new challenges without a clear plan of action in place, just a lot of excitement about this “new idea.”  We just start and trust everything will fall into place.  Unfortunately, it can be another kind of falling into place - you falling into failure and discouragement!  Organization leads to success!   This article will focus on bringing success to something you have already been doing.  However, the questions you ask yourself are also important when launching a new project or dream as you organize for success.

1.  Assess what you have been using and doing to fulfil your goals.  Is it working?  If not, is it the resources you are using, or is it you?  Perhaps you have been just too busy with a new baby or family crises and  your dreams have been on hold for a while.  Or, it might be that you have had no clearly defined goal or goals.

2.  An important step in the principle of “organization leads to success,” is to take the time to lay out your goals and objectives for the short term (a few weeks or months), in the medium range (perhaps a year), and in the distant future.  I recommend writing these goals down so you can have a defined target and as a tool to measure your progress.

3.  Keep it simple.  It is so easy to end up with boxes, filing cabinet drawers, and a full computer hard-drive of “stuff” you never use.  Choose resources that will aid you in achieving your goals.  For getting started or adding something new ask:
    a) do really I need it?
    b) do I have time to use it?
    c) does it fit my style and personality?
    d) will it help me reach a goal?
Don’t ask, “can I afford it,” because if God leads you to use something, somehow you will come up with the money for it.  What appears expensive is often cheaper in the long run.  Much of what I use is actually very inexpensive and plainly packaged but wow – it’s dynamite for ease of use and quality of results!  Look at the contents, not just the packaging.  Also, beware of emotional marketing hype.  Do some research and determine if the success being promised is actually being realized by someone else and not just the seller who might be lining his/her pockets on your desperation!!

4.  Add only one new resource at a time.   This allows you the time to learn how to use the resource you have purchased.

5.  Make use of filing cabinets and portable plastic file boxes for each project.  Keep the files clearly labelled.  Portable file boxes are excellent to keep items at your finger tips and to save you much time.  For instance, for years I have done church bookkeeping.  The binder and file folders I use were in a drawer in our dining room, the weekly counting sheets, cheque and deposit books were in cloth bag stored under a table, the calculator was on my desk upstairs, the pens, pencils and erasers were scattered, and finding the stapler was always a challenge!  My desk is too small for doing the bookkeeping because I need room to spread everything out, so I usually work at the kitchen table.  Gathering everything together was enough to lead to major cases of procrastination and, ultimately, failure to have the bills paid on time or the monthly reports ready for the board meetings! Although I have portable filing boxes for other projects, it had escaped my mind to create one specifically for bookkeeping.  I remembered, “organization leads to success” and decided to take the time to get organized for success with bookkeeping.  Now, after 34+ years of church bookkeeping (I am a slow learner at times!)  I have a portable filing box on wheels that I can roll anywhere I want to work.  The cloth liner of the box has many pockets and compartments, and, a file folder section.  It is now equipped with absolutely everything I need and those items are not shared with the office or any other activity.  These are “for bookkeeping only” purposes.  Wow, what a time and sanity saver!

6.  Whether your project will require a full office, the kitchen table as a work surface, or just everything in a portable file box used at a TV tray, being organized is essential! Stake out your working station and make it yours!

7.  Follow the rule of “a place for everything and everything in its place.”  ALWAYS  put everything back into their right place so you can find them the next time.

8.  When I used to write out and attempt to follow a rigid schedule, I was always defeated by the end of the first month (week!).  Life always happened differently than planned and the plan book was a scratched out mess!!!  Flexibility allows me to have clearly defined goals with flexible dates where practical.  On a wall in our upstairs hall we have numerous charts listing in minute detail in point form every step we need to do in order to complete specific projects. We sometimes put target completion dates in pencil beside the individual points and the name of the project.  Pencil is easier to erase when “life happens!”  Some steps will have the name of the person who will complete the step.   As we complete a step, we cross it off as a visible reminder of progress.  This process helps to keep nightmares at bay so that you do not spend sleepless nights trying to sort out what needs to be done next.

9.  Flexibility is important.  However, do not use flexibility as license for procrastination.  The best ideas and plans will be lost if you fail to include time in your schedule to accomplish them.

10.  YOU CANNOT DO EVERYTHING OR GO EVERYWHERE!  Determine what is important to you and your family, then prioritize your tools, resources, time investments, and activities to accomplish your goals.

Organization leads to success and is always an ongoing process.  So ready or not, head into or continue on with current endeavours with a sense of excitement and anticipation of what you will accomplish with God’s help.

By: ©February 2008, Maxine McLellan, author, motivational speaker, owner of JOY Center of Learning in Ontario, Canada .  See:  http://www.joycenter.on.ca     http://www.hereforhealth.com

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